The countries with more 1-140 approvals for EB1A

USCIS has a database where they publish statistics for a multitude of forms and processes. This is the type of data I used to calculate approval and denial rate for EB1A and EB2 NIW categories. In a previous blog post I analyzed the approval rate during Fiscal Year 2022, and recently I published a similar article for Fiscal Year 2023 in my other website, In today’s blog post I will discuss what are the countries with more approvals of I-140 forms for the EB-1A category using the latest data from USCIS.

USCIS as the source of data

I usually say that one must go to official sources for anything immigration-related, and this is no different. Using this link you can open the report from USCIS that I used to create this top 10 of countries. The screenshot below shows the website you can access to look for different statistics associated to immigration processes in the United States. While the data is now always in its best shape, you are free to download it and transform it into something you can interpret more easily, if you wish.

Screenshot from Statistics website from USCIS
Screenshot from Statistics website from USCIS

The Top 10 list of countries by number of I-140 approvals for EB-1A green cards

Using the data from the official website mentioned above, I created lists of countries with the hihghest numbers of approvals under the Extraordinary Ability green card category EB1A.

Top 10 of EB1 countries by number of approvals each quarter (FY2023)

As expected, China and India are always the two countries withmore applicants. China was during the three quarters with data so far in 2023 the country with the highest number of approvals. The East Asian country was close to one thousand applications approved in each of the three quarters. India obtained roughly half of the applications approved compared to China. Brazilians were the applicants in South America with the highest number of approvals received in the Extraordinary Ability category. Generally, the three quarters had very similar rankings, with little variations from period to period.

How is this relevant for you?

Not much. This is just a purely informational and entertaining article. The chances of success for your EB-1A petition package depend almost solely on the quality of your application and the strength of your profile. If your country is in this list, great. If it isn’t, also great. Your I-140 chances will not suffer either way!

What is important is that you are well prepared, understand the process, and create a winning case for yourself that can convince the USCIS arguement you are worthy of the EB-1 green card approval. Take a look at my online course, which I believe is the best resource out there for Do-It-Yourself EB1A petitioners!

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