If you need some extra help when considering the EB-1A green card category, you’ve come to the right place

Currently offering:

One hour call with Oscar

What is included?

Use this one hour call to:

    • Solve any questions you may have
    • Discuss your Request for Evidence (RFE)
    • Anything you want to discuss related to your petition

Current pricing

The current price is $150, non-refundable, paid before the call

How to proceed

Send me an email at oscar (at) so we can talk about dates, then you can access the payment link to provide payment. I will then send you an invite for the call.

Express EB1A petition review

What is included?

  • I will dedicate one hour to review your cover letter and will write comments on it
  • This review is high level only, and focuses on the most critical aspects of the petition so you can have an overall impression.
  • We will meet for one hour to discuss my comments. We will go over the notes and after the call I will give you the file with my handwritten comments.
  • Access the link through the button so you can pay and book. After that, we will get in touch to get the file(s) and arrange a review session.

Current pricing

The current price is $275,  non-refundable, paid before the call

How to proceed

Access the link through the button above, provide payment and your review service will be booked. Then, I will get the files from you and we will schedule a review session. 

Contact me first if you have questions

Shoot me an email using the contact form below. You can use it to ensure I am not out of office at the moment, before proceeding to booking your service.