In this section I offer sample petitions for EB-1A green card category, so you can look at them and craft your own solid application for EB1 while putting together your DIY case.

Please note: all the materials below are included in my EB-1A online course, which also provides step by step video lessons. Check out the course here!

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Available materials for DIY petitioners:

I-140 sample petition


What will you get?

The I-140 petition (top left) includes 200 pages:
    • Filled forms I-140 and ETA-9089.
    • Petition Cover letter. This is a 21-page document that articulates the petition. As such, It touches on all the requirements that I thought I could fulfill for an EB-1A application. In summary, this cover letter brings all the evidence together, it’s the story that I crafted for the USCIS officer to review all the evidence that I submitted as Exhibits. 
    • Letters of recommendation6 letters, including 3 “independent advisory opinions” or objective recommendations.
    • Curriculum Vitae. A copy of the CV I included with my petition, so you can see what level of detail I used.
    • Multiple other attachments (organized in 22 exhibits) that I used to make my case as solid as possible. For example, evidence of commanding higher salary, citation records and quality of journals I published in, evidence of serving as reviewer in journals, other accomplishments, and other important documents (such as the government forms).

Adjustment of status sample petition


New! Adjustment of Status – If you are inside the United States and need to adjust your status because your I-140 has been approved, or because you can file concurrently…then this material is right for you! 

Download my I-485 package to see a useful example, so you can prepare your own submission and save thousands of dollars in attorney or consultant fees. On top of the sample adjustment of status package, this material also includes a 20+ page e-book guide covering the main parts and pieces to help you navigate this step of the process.

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Great Unfiltered and Useful Work
Thank you so much for sharing your material. I love how the product was packaged and content was transparent. I am still halfway using the prodduct and I am hopeful it helps me achieve my goal.
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PDF/Word with I-140 petition
Now, all makes sense. Thanks Oscar for helping
Before downloading for application file, I thought the EB application processes were too complicated to do it by myself. Now, I have the confidence i can successfully do it.
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PDF/WORD WITH I-140 petition