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My name is Oscar and I am a scientist. A few years ago I applied for EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) and EB-1 green cards, two categories in with you can self-petition, or Do-It-Yourself. With this DIY filing, you don’t need lawyers or a job offer. Just your time and effort. In this website I will help you fulfill your immigration dreams.

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In 2019 I obtained permanent residency through self petitioning. Now I help others fulfilled this dream using EB1A or EB2 NIW green cards

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.  This website is just for educational, motivational purposes, and is not legal advice. You are free to use this information at your own risk. 


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Summary table fees increased by USCIS
USCIS to increase all fees in April 2024 : impact on EB-1A
USCIS has recently implemented substantial changes to its fee structure, affecting various green card categories including EB-1A for Extraordinary Ability. This article will dissect the key modifications, shed light on...
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EB1A Success Story: Niko pivoted from EB2 NIW to EB-1A
Niko is a finance and financial management expert from Azerbaijan. He studied a Bachelor and a Masters in his home country and then worked for almost ten years in the private sector, in finance and accounting. He did a...
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EB1A Success Story: Pritam, an engineer entrepreneur
In today’s global economy, many individuals seek to immigrate to the United States to pursue career opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. However, navigating the complex US immigration system can be challenging,...
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The countries with more 1-140 approvals for EB1A
USCIS has a database where they publish statistics for a multitude of forms and processes. This is the type of data I used to calculate approval and denial rate for EB1A and EB2 NIW categories. In a previous blog post I...
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India and EB1 and October 2023 Visa Bulletin
India EB1 October 2023 Visa Bulletin
The Visa Bulletin is a critical document for anyone navigating the intricate world of U.S. immigration. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the October 2023 Visa Bulletin and its impact on Indian applicants...
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Screenshot from The Guardian
USCIS using fake profiles in social media to track your activity: report
Screenshot from The Guardian Introduction In today’s digital age, our online presence plays a significant role in various aspects of our lives. However, what if I told you that government agencies, including U.S....
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Letter to Mayorkas and Blinken
US Congressmen request that Visa Bulletin shows all countries "Current" in October
Introduction In this article, we will discuss a recent letter sent by a group of 56 U.S. Representatives to the Biden Administration, addressing concerns about the current U.S. Visa Bulletin system. This letter aims to...
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Layoffs in tech sector
Layoffs on an H1B visa: how to protect your immigration status
Introduction In the current economic climate, layoffs have become a common occurrence, especially in the tech sector where a significant portion of the workforce comprises H-1B visa holders. These skilled immigrants...
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modi, narendramodi, gujarat-4362086.jpg
USA to open two new consulates in India, domestic visa renewal program to start
Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, visited the United States this week. His official tour generated expectation and also headlines.   A joint statement from the United States and India summarizes all the agreements...
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Time EB1A processing
EB-1A processing time
The EB-1A processing time can be anything from 6 months to a few years, with the I-140 portion of the process taking between 3 months to 1 year. This timeframe could be reduced to 15 days using Premium Processing, available...
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The EB-1A I-140 petition package
The I-140 petition package is the file you must mail to USCIS so they take your application into consideration. This EB-1A package includes the I-140 form but it covers much more than that. In this article we will discuss...
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hammer, books, law-620011.jpg
Should you use immigration lawyers for your EB-1A petition?
This website is mainly focused on those petitioners interested on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) green card preparation for their EB-1A application. However, it is important to put all options on the table, including the possibility...
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man, business, cartoon-1351346.jpg
The path from O-1 Visa to EB-1A green card: Is it a guaranteed success?
The journey to obtaining a green card in the United States can be long and certainly complex. If you currently hold an O-1 visa and are considering applying for an EB-1A green card, you may be wondering if your O-1 visa...
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manuscript, newspaper, article-149606.jpg
Publications and citations for EB-1A green card
In this article, I will discuss the most frequently asked questions for researchers considering applying for an EB-1A green card. And those are the ones related to scientific publications and number of citations.  This...
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hand, writing, pen-325321.jpg
Crafting effective EB-1A recommendation letters
Why EB-1A Recommendation  Letters Matter Recommendation letters play a crucial role in EB-1A petitions, even though they are not officially required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)....
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EB-1A cover letter: what it is and how to prepare it
Writing an effective EB-1A cover letter is crucial to obtain approval for permanent residency under this category. The EB1A cover letter summarizes all the key evidence that the applicant provides to the USCIS officer so...
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Approval rates EB1A green cards
EB-1A green card approval rates: a comprehensive analysis
In this article we will review official data from USCIS to determine what the approval rate for EB-1A is. Keep in mind these numbers represent the average performance of all applications, and the outcome of a petition varies...
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EB1A how to qualify Picture from nappy: https://www.pexels.com/es-es/foto/bolsa-de-lona-de-cuero-marron-1058959/
How can you qualify for an EB-1A green card?
Introduction to the EB-1A Green Card for DIY Petitioners What is the EB-1A Green Card? The EB-1A Green Card is an employment-based, first preference visa category for individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields...
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Comparing EB-1A and EB-2 NIW green cards: which one is right for you?
As you explore your options for obtaining a green card in the United States, you may find yourself considering the EB-1A and EB-2 NIW categories. While these two categories share some similarities, such as allowing...
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