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Please note I am not a lawyer and this is not my primary occupation 

Have Questions?

I will not respond to questions such as:

    • “Do I qualify?” It is up to you to get the information about this green card category (this website has a lot!) and decide if you can meet the requirements.

    • “Hi, my name is XYZ and I have a Masters from University of ABC and 10 years of experience…will I get the EB2 NIW green card?”. I don’t have all your details (and I don’t want them) and it is your responsibility to figure out if you qualify. Otherwise, there are lawyers that can give you their professional opinion.

    • “Can I have your phone number for Whatsapp/Telegram?”. No, I do not provide my phone number.

    • “I need help with the application”. While I empathize with you because I was in your situation… I do not have the time to personally help everyone. That is why I created this site. Please look around and find the information you need here or on my YouTube channel. You can download my own petition and the only Service I provide can be found in the Services tab on top of the website.